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Head Office: Composite Roof Supplies. Level 18, 40 Bank Street (HQ3), Canary Wharf, London, E14 5NR

Although they were the cheapest...they wouldn't answer calls because of coronavirus...i ordered edge trims and paid for them..on the delivery day they didn't arrive...this made it awkward for the driver..when I emailed them they said they forgot to tell me there was no edge trims and forgot to refund me..this started emails going back and forward with them saying how well they had done..they also didn't answer some of the emails...customer service is awful reply to your email...the refund took 17 days as in your own words you forgot to refund me and you did tell me part of the order wasn't coming but not the edge trims...if you did I wouldn't have asked the driver why the edge trims weren't did advise that I could do mitres but that was on the 3 corner parts and not on the edge no point did I receive a email saying they were not on this order if this was the case why would I ask the driver and why did I have to ask for the didn't answer all my emails and because you didnt I was sending them to emails saying don't respond.i have no reason to make this for asking for more on the refund this was because you didnt inform me of the corners on the outside and not the inside which you are talking about.the extra work needed to do the mitres was the reason I asked for more of a refund as I stated if I knew I could have gone elsewhere to make it easier.i have given a fair assessment of your service and maybe 1 was a little too high...we live and learn and I certainly would not recommend your I stated in the final email that was the end of it...and it would have been if you didnt send the review experience..this is the end for me..lets see if the review stays on ?
Posted 4 months ago
Thanks for your review. Okay, so apologies for the phone line being out of action. You have loads of other options to make contact, via email, social media, or the contact us page on our website.

Id like to take a few minutes to add to the review.

As explained in the emails we sent you, you ordered a GRP kit and couldn't order GRP corner trims because they were and are still out of stock. We let you know this before you purchased!

When you did order you added EPDM corners to your kit! An item which would render useless to you and the contractor working with the GRP kit. Now because CRS are real people who have real hands-on experience working with the products we quickly realised you had ordered an incorrect item. This was flagged straight away having previously been in contact via email about the corners.

Regarding the 3 emails, you sent asking about the trims every email we send you explains that trims arrive separately, we even explained this in an email again in one of our replies,

Furthermore one of your emails demanded more of a refund than you actually paid for, a question we were not prepared to go into battle with you about, you mentioned the inconvenience caused! despite us letting you know the item is out of stock before you placed the order, so you were aware of the current situation on that item but chose to ignore what we said, had you have not ordered the incorrect item all would have been well and good. We felt a refund of what you paid for in error was more than satisfactory.

Apon contact after the delivery as a workaround we offered advice on how to install the 3m trims without the corners, also your refund was completed within hours after you flagged it as not yet received. Sorry about that delay.

Overall we are sorry you felt the service wasn't up to scratch. Our refund process is in the process of being improved, Unfortunately, refunds have to be manually reviewed which can lead to human error. In which case, there was a couple of days delay getting the funds back into your account.

Customer service is and always has been a priority for us. Although during this pandemic it has been a little slower than usual we feel the service here isn't half as bad as you made out in your review.

Take care stay safe and thank you for your order.

Kind regards
Posted 4 months ago
Only half the order has arrived. I can’t speak on the phone. It’s taken around 20 emails to sort and still not resolved.
Posted 4 months ago
The delivery company sent your order to the incorrect address, as soon as you made us aware we sent replacement parts the following day.

I can also see this was resolved in less than 24hours.

Apologies for the inconvenienced this did cause. your order was on a 10 working day delivery and did take slightly longer due to the issue.

Kind regards
Posted 4 months ago
Poor poor poor
Composite Roof Supplies Ltd 1 star review on 17th April 2020
Posted 7 months ago
Ordered over two weeks ago and still nothing absolute joke. Don’t by off this company. 1-2 to days Delivery 🤣🤣🤣
Posted 10 months ago
Apologies on behalf of the delivery company, unfortunately, deliveries can go wrong, we have little control over delivery speeds, however, we do our utmost to ship orders out on time, I can see your order left on time, and was returned back to us after several missed deliveries, its important someone is home to take delivery as the items do need a signature.

Kind regards
CRS Customer support
Posted 9 months ago
Excellent but would not use again because of Clarke’s delivery shocking abrupt never on time
Drove buy never came to door said they had left card when I watched him come and drive away said he rang the bell I don’t even have a bell ? Sorry for c r s but not deal again will look for alternative for my trade
Posted 11 months ago
Very poor after sales. Less than helpful
Posted 1 year ago
Good Morning, Mr Davies, We're very sorry you think we have poor aftersales support and are less than helpful.
It's great to have our say on the matter also. Based on the fact you actually ordered the incorrect kit yourself a 1-star review doesn't actually reflect on the service we offered you. Your order arrived in 1 working day and arrived in A1 conditions without any parts missing. Mission complete!.

You made contact with us because you were expecting some tools!. We highlighted the fact you selected the incorrect item, our reply was within 30 minutes of your initial contact.

Furthermore, we pointed in you in the right direction with item numbers and links to the items you actually wanted. We even excepted a return without question for a full refund including any shipping you paid. In my opinion, our after-sales support was fantastic.

Based on providing links to products, replying to you almost instantly and excepting a return. I am intrigued to find out what more you wanted us to do to help you?

Please do make further contact either by email or by telephone.

Kindest regard
Posted 1 year ago
I ordered Thursday and was told it would be sent that day,it’s now Tuesday and I have still not received.
Posted 1 year ago
Didn’t supply enough resin for the area. My roof measurements were 5.2 x 5.2 which makes 27.04m2 . I was sent a 30m2 kit great I thought. Upon opening this I discovered a roll of strand matting 1 meter wide by 25 meters long yep 25m2 so not enough yet again. Unfortunately it’s the same story with the top coat which states on the tins they sent me to cover my area requires 20kg of top coat I got 15. Maybe the warehouse staff have had a bad day but if I ran my business like that We would be out of business in no time.
Posted 2 years ago
Good evening many thanks for your review. We were not aware you were missing parts on your order.

Apologies. had we of known parts would of been sent out straight away for you.

Not making excuses for the warehouse as every order should be correct. On this particular occasion a mistake has happened, we didn't get a chance to fix the issue for you before you left the review really sorry about that.

Please do get in touch so we can rectify the situation. Assuming you have an incomplete roof you would require at least 3m2 of matting and 5kg of Topcoat. Please confirm by replying to your shipped or sales confirmation email which shows your customer ID or order ID

Kind regards
Posted 2 years ago
My parcel didn't get delivered complete. I tried to call your office and did not get much help on the phone and was told to email in CRS or call the courier company my self.

Not really the customer service I expected.

Eventually I called the courier company who were helpful and told me I would get my parcel the next day.

The only complaint is that the person that picked up the call from CRS could have done more to help.
Posted 2 years ago
Got a request to write a review before I have even received my goods, which should have arrived on Thursday the 19th of July. I sent an email through Ebay asking were my goods are but you appear to have responded by asking me to Write a review and send me a copy of my order despite the email saying its a request for tracking info, there is no tracking info on the invoice. So thats why you get a Very Poor review.
Posted 2 years ago
Hi John okay firstly apologies in respect to you not yet getting your order which was shipped out on the day you ordered.
Please allow me to point out a few things this morning,

You sent us an email message asking about the delivery of your order. Our response email as you mentioned in reply is quite simply a request for tracking.

In this email it explains up to 4 hours depending on how busy we are we will email tracking info to you. Your request for tracking email was sent at 16:45 on Friday 20th, shortly after you let us know you have yet had the goods delivered, Note we close at 5pm.

Monday Morning your tracking has been emailed to you with all the details about your delivery. Between this time an automated email has been sent asking for a review, in the shipped conformation email, we have this paragraph:

If you are satisfied with us, we would appreciate your (hopefully positive) evaluation. Our system will automatically evaluate you a few days later if you purchased from eBay.
Was this email helpful?

Okay so heres a brief overview of the delivery issue: Now we have checked the correct address was on the order which it is, Parcelforce are having trouble locating the Centre House Midlothian Innovation Centre

18/7/2018 16:11 Edinburgh Depot Address problem (insufficient address)
18/7/2018 16:05 Edinburgh Depot Returned to Depot
18/7/2018 9:51 Edinburgh Depot Address problems (insufficient address)
18/7/2018 8:40 Edinburgh Depot Out for delivery
18/7/2018 8:23 Edinburgh Depot Prepared for delivery
18/7/2018 8:15 Edinburgh Depot Received at delivery depot
18/7/2018 1:45 National Hub Sorted
17/7/2018 16:49 Cornwall Depot On route to hub
17/7/2018 15:38 Cornwall Depot Collected

A little less that 15 minutes to resolve a delivery related issue we feel does not warrant a 1star review!, Our aim is to ensure all our orders leave on time in this case it did, any issues are dealt with promptly as soon as we are aware. We had very little time to investigate this on Friday, we will be in contact with Parcelforce to find out why there driver cannot find the location you have provided, a direct email will be sent to you today with a resolution.

I would also suggest calling Parcelforce to aid with instructions on the location t
Contact number is:
You can phone Parcelforce Customer Service team on 0344 800 4466 in the UK.
Consignment: PBIP9634385001
Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago
Okay thanks for the feedback here. A 1 star review 5 minutes after letting us know your order has yet to arrive!! Its bank holiday and we responded to you promptly. We appreciate the frustration not receiving the goods in time, however at least give us an opportunity to resolve the issue before jumping on the bad feedback. Not what we expected to see today.

Kind regards Darren
Posted 2 years ago
Our 20kg Resin bucket was leaking on arrival of delivery due to very obviously being dropped as it had dents all over the bucket

Furthermore there was no pole in the tool kit we ordered

Really not pleased at all
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Good morning, sorry to hear about the damage in transit, a quick email or a call to us would of resolved any issues for you. We were not aware your item sustained damage in transit. had we of known a replacement item would of been sent no questions asked. Ref to a missing pole, this item is packed in the tube of the matting role if it was missing apologies on behalf of the warehouse, we would of happily sent out the following day had we of been made aware. A 1 star review seems very harsh considering no opportunity was given to resolve the problem for you.

Kind regards
Composite Roof Supplies
Posted 2 years ago
I am trying to find a telephone number for your company because the order arrived a short while ago and was broken. It appeared not to be adequately protected by the packaging. We did not accept delivery because it was damaged and the PO driver took kit away with him and will report it damaged. I want to ensure that a replacement will be sent immediately, Can you please ring this no: 01273 673 821/ or 07925 692 089
This is urgent - the building work is being held up.
Please send me a telephone number that I can contact you if necessary.
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Jennifer, our telephone number is clearly marked on the order confirmation, invoice, delivery note and either on our website or ebay store. Not sure how you are struggling to contact us. We also sent you a confirmation of shipping with instructions on how to contact us if there is a delivery related issue.

All delivery queries are via email only our telephone line is for Technical support and Sales.

I can raise the issue with the warehouse immediately, I will need some more info as you mention the order was "Broken" what have you signed for and what item did you refuse delivery for?

Our email address is Will look forward to your reply so I can help resolve the delivery damage in transit issue.

Kind regards

Posted 2 years ago
They didn’t supply enough resin for 15m. Let alone the 20 I ordered
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Brian a 20m2 kits has 30kg of resin 1.5kg per m2 of 600g matting requires 30kg, we delivered exactly what was ordered.

What size was your roof?
What boards did you use? Ply?
OSB Tonge and groove requires no priming or joints to be taped!
What temperature was the resin on the day, the colder the thicker it will be.

following our step by step guide will ensure a smooth and successful completed roof.

Have you used GRP before? Lots of factors can have an impact on the outcome of your roof, Leaving a 1 star review based on just running out of resin seems pretty unfair without taking into consideration all factors mentioned above.

The internet will have several quantity calculators available to cross reference our guide of 1.5kg per m2 on 600g matting which is correct.

Please get in touch so we can establish how your roof went wrong for yourself.
Posted 2 years ago
I bought an easy fit kit, assuming the tools were included in the price. This wasn't the case, I found the same dark grey kit 30 sq m with another supplier all tools included for less money.
I called to ask to return the kit and was told that along with the shipping fee a 20% re stock charge would also be charged. This made no sense to me and too much hassle. I've now got my builder to get the tools elsewhere to complete the job.
My advice is to shop around and go elsewhere if you need an all in one easy fit everything included kit. This is something CRS do not offer.
Posted 3 years ago
Good afternoon Sir, Thank you for your feedback. We do value your opinion, based on you assuming we do however feel your review is unfair on the basis you thought easy fit means everything is included. Our website is tailored towards a varied array of customers, from roofers to DIY users to builders not familiar with the system.

All our kits clearly show the content included, as we did discuss on the telephone after you purchased, each roof is different so trims would NOT be included based on just the size. Also tools are an optional extra based on roofers or builder already having tools from previous work or DIY users already having brushes, buckets knocking around in the shed for example, this make our kits very flexible and bespoke to each of our customers requirements.

We can see you ordered directly from the website and were under no obligation to make a purchase from ourselves, prices are very competitive throughout the whole range.

As a company we are not just priced focused. Of course, shopping around you may find a similar product at a better price but we offer more than just the product - 24/7 customer support, weekend technical
support, as a family run business looking after our customer even after a purchase is important to us, we can even be contacted on a Sunday.

Our returns policy is clearly outlined on the website. A restocking fee is applied due to the nature of the product, time would be involved which in turn does accumulate cost, this charge would not apply if we were at fault for any reason.

If we can assist any further please do get in contact with us. Technical / product support is available 7 days a week via email or Telephone during normal business hours.

Kind regards
Posted 3 years ago
I have orders the pain and has only had a damaged leaking tin. Very poor service and have refused to replace or refund. I am not sure what to do but obviously they got the money and ante not bothered.
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Mr Eltumi, thank you for your feedback,

I have checked back on your orders, we have in actual fact sent you 3 replacements 2 of which did leak in transit, not significant enough for you not to be able to use the product. We responded promptly to all your emails and calls and acted quickly and effectively to resolve any transport issues.

The 3rd replacement again without hesitation was shipped to you and you missed the delivery, we provided tracking information to you and contact numbers, a calling card was also left, the details you had been given were not used to arrange for your delivery again.

We are sorry you have had such trouble with your order, rather unfortunate and unusual to have 2 consignments get damaged in transit. The 3rd attempt would of reached you just fine had you of been around for the delivery we scheduled with you.

If we can assist further please email

Many thanks
CRS customer service
Posted 3 years ago
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