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Head Office: Composite Roof Supplies. Level 18, 40 Bank Street (HQ3), Canary Wharf, London, E14 5NR

Excellent service, delivered on time and everything was with the kit including all tools required. The trims were excellent quality and I had the roof finished in a few hours. Would certainly use again.
Posted 6 months ago
I ordered 3 meter lengths of Fibreglass Flashing Trim The trim was a few cms short I now have to try & find a few inches of trim to finish both sides of the job I needed to do. I am not happy
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Posted 6 hours ago
Haven't got invoice with purchase. Need to be asking and spend my time...
Helpful Report
Posted 1 week ago
Good morning,
Following on from our forwarded email which includes the invoice we sent you, as part of our process INVOICES are generated automatically and attached to your shipped confirmation email along with your tracking number.

Unfortunately, sometimes emails do end up in the spam folder, we feel very disappointed to have received a 2-star review for a transaction that actually went 100% perfectly.

-Shipped on time
-Tracking attached
-Delivery note sent
-Invoice sent

Attached is an image showing the invoice was to you on the day the order was shipped.

Kind regards CRS
Posted 1 week ago
Yes very good service and delivered very fast and good price
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Posted 3 weeks ago
The materials delivery was paid for overnight but arrived 4 days later and whilst they refunded the additional cartridge fee this caused delays on site. Very disappointing as the men on site couldn't finish the job on time
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Posted 1 month ago
Apologies on behalf of the delivery company for your late delivery.

Reviews are important and they do give an indication of the company's performance. Thank you. We would like to elaborate on some missing support which wasn't mentioned.

While we fully appreciate the frustration here id like to point out a few more details.

From our perspective we do feel 2 stars are a tad unreasonably on the basis:

-Your order came into our system and was shipped on time.
-The delivery information was provided in a tracking number that very same day.
Further More and granted your order should have arrived on Friday, you made contact on Saturday, were closed! despite this we did follow up you're rather frustrating email with a fast reply providing further tracking information.

Today, Monday morning we were right on the case again and gave further updates regarding your delivery with the latest tracking updates showing your order was out for delivery.

Your actual delivery was 1 day late, working days and delivery days which are clear on the delivery note exclude Saturday and Sundays.

This morning without any hesitation we refunded you for the additional carriage charge.

While delivery times are estimated we cannot always guarantee success, we rely heavily on third parties to hold the end of the deal up. We hope you understand our position. Thank you for your business we hope we can put the bad experience to a good one on your next order.

kind regards

Customer support CRS
Posted 1 month ago
Items were Packaged badly, so tins dented and leaked! The order arrived two days late, & there were important things missing!... tried calling both their numbers every day since and couldn’t get trough, and emailed, with no response... I was up against it with the weather and couldn’t complete the job!....
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Posted 5 months ago
Hello and good morning, Okay posting Anonymously isn't going to help us help you resolve any issue.

Id like the opportunity to raise a few points. Our reputation for customer service is outstanding and we always respond to customer issues when they arise. We are all human and mistakes can happen. we do our best to resolve as fast as possible.

: Having searched the email system you have not emailed us will any evidence of missing part under your email address.
: You have not made contact with supporting evidence of damaged dented leaking tins. Pictures etc

We cannot help you unless you let us know about a problem.

I would however like to apologies for the fact our telephone systems are down. we have instructied callers to email us if you do have an issue.

Please make contact as the earliest conveniace.

Kind regards
Posted 5 months ago
My 5kg top coat arrived well packaged and in fairly good condition, however no catalyst has been included!?
Helpful Report
Posted 6 months ago
Hi David, good morning, how come you didn't reach out and tell us you have missing parts? If we are not aware of an issue we cannot get a fix.

We are very sorry this has happened. Sometimes human error plays a part in our warehouse process.

Please reach out by directly replying to your sales confirmation email so we can get this resolved for you.

Kind regards
Posted 6 months ago
Unclear imagery on site caused confusion during the purchase process.
Helpful Report
Posted 6 months ago
WHEN I MADE ORDER ASKED on the site: how many days to wait for delivery - the answer is two days.But now I received the following in the email: DELIVERY TERMS & CONDITIONS: Your delivery time frame excluded any handling time, Allow 1 to 3 working days for your order to arrive. We advise against planning any roofing work unless all the order has arrived and has been checked fully against the delivery note. We cannot be held responsible for delays outside of our control.*Orders are processed and deliveries undertaken during working days only. Working days are Monday to Friday and do not include Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays. And didn’t see tracking my Parsel
Helpful Report
Posted 7 months ago
Order ID
Please, see the image attached, For your privacy, we have hidden your personal details, as explained over the phone shipping options are available at the checkout. The image attached clearly shows the delivery option you selected, which was, in fact, a FREE Option on a 2-3 working day.
Your confirmation email places you in a 3-day bracket. your order actually arrived in 2 days.

Reviews are important for our customers to understand how we operate, they help us improve and most importantly create trust in the service we offer. We feel strongly in this situation your review is inaccurate and not helpful to others.

Would you please kindly amend your review now we have clarified the misunderstanding.

We would love to hear how the order process was for you, we know the goods arrived on time, share how you were kept informed throughout the order process! did everything arrive? you made a large order! Was the product to your satisfaction? we would assume everything went as it should on the basis you never mentioned anything that was also negative.

I can be contacted directly on 02071013977. Or via email should you wish to chat or discuss further?

Lastly thanks for your order we hope your roofing project was or is a success

CRS Customer support
Posted 7 months ago
They do not deliver to your door, they are happy to off load it anywhere.
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Posted 8 months ago
Resin arrived Thursday. It's now Monday still waiting for trims, so unable to finish job...............
Helpful Report
Posted 10 months ago
Good morning, thanks for the review, okay I have checked the delivery status of your order. the order has been delivered, As mentioned the resin arrived on Thursday then you signed for this item on Friday according to the tracking system.
Signed for by S Airey on Friday 24th May 2019 at 15:38

Your parcel VIA UKMAIL 41304590003602 is delivered

Your parcel's journey
Date Time Message
24th May 2019 15:38 Your parcel 41304590003602 is delivered
24th May 2019 07:27 Your parcel 41304590003602 is out for delivery
24th May 2019 02:37 Your parcel 41304590003602 is at the delivery depot
23rd May 2019 16:25 Your parcel 41304590003602 has been collected
Posted 10 months ago
Ordered 3m raised trim and came in two 1.5m lengths. Not very happy
Helpful Report
Posted 1 year ago
Good morning, Sorry to hear you are not happy.

Okay, so we have very clearly stated the trims are shipped in 1.5m on our website at the checkout when you add these items to the basket.

The reason we do this is that the fragile nature of let's say 3 trims bundled together is very likely to snap in transit, this costs both parties time and money and is the best solution to this problem.

We hope you understand now its explained in more detail.
Rating us 2 stars seems unfair given your delivery arrived in perfect condition, on time and as advertised at a really competitive price.

If you would like a return on the item please send me an email to stating your order ID 13982

Best regards
Posted 1 year ago
Had an issue with next day delivery as no notification was sent and therefore missed the Friday and the weekend for my roofers to complete the job. I raised the issue on Saturday and the customer service was excellent and the delivey came on Monday and with a pre sent delivery email notification. I as was expecting all or part of my shipping fee to be refunded but as of now this still has not happened. Regards Andrew ( I work in customer services across Europe so I know about good and bad service )
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Posted 1 year ago
Goods were ok, paid for next day delivery (£35) never got it next day as it went to a wrong address, I eventually found the goods myself, asked for a refund on the service I paid for but didn’t receive was told the company still had to pay for it so I wouldn’t get a refund over what was, quote “a silly mistake” !! Yes your mistake not mine!!
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Posted 2 years ago
Although the items i bought were delivered very quickly of the five lengths of trims i received three lengths were damaged, so i had to make repairs to them,this caused me a great deal of aggravation and time.
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Posted 2 years ago
I purchased a 15ms kit & there was not enough resin to finish my roof. We did not waste any & applied the coat correctly.
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago
Okay sorry to hear your roof didnt go to plan. Id like to find out why you ran out of resin. A few point's below could be a factor. Did you use the correct boards OSB tongue and groove. This type of board eliminates the need to resin the joints with the bandage. Using square edge required additional resin as per recommendations in the descriptions. The 15m2 kit come with 20kg of Resin the actual required amount is 16.86kg. The 15m2 600g kit comes with 25kg of resin the required amounts are 22kg. We have calculated the correct amounts if there was an issue with your order please contact us so we can see what you signed for. Kindest regards CRS
Posted 2 years ago
I was told delivery would be on Friday!!!! Still haven't received it
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago
Quality of materials was poor. 5 m2 kit is really stretching the limits to cover that size. The top coat has remained tacky 2 days after covering although instructions were followed. Very disappointed generally as products are not the cheapest on the market so expected better.
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago
Good day, thanks for the review, Okay you have a lloyds approved resin in your kit. Suitable for marine use such as boat building.

The top coat would only remain tacky if, you did it in direct sunlight or you had a poor mix, this wouldn't be anything to do with the quality of the item.

The wax content in the Topcoat would prevent a tacky surface. Please refer to our 24 page user manual or FAQ page for these instructions. Please reconsider your review based on the factual information we have highlighted to you.
Posted 2 years ago
Ref coverage, please see our calculator guide, a five metre 450g kit actually will have have enough resin to cover 8-9 m2 the kit has 10kg. Actual amount required 5.62kg.

Please consider some online training using either our video guides or the user manuals. your review doesn't so the true perspective and potential of the kit you ordered.
Posted 2 years ago
Products themselves were not too bad, consolidating rollers were not the best quality and kept falling apart, but my main frustration was with the amount of resin supplied. It was nowhere near enough for the coverage i needed, since the shortfall I've been looking at other companies recommendations and they all advice around the 2 litres per m2. Revised so now responding to CRS to revise, I may well be the first to mention this about the resin gauges so ..... As I aforementioned CURE IT grp brand reccomend 45kg of resin for the same size roof Fixmyroof calculate 50kg of resin Pro grp 45kg of resin I wholely admit I should have researched quantities in advance, but I actually fell short of product with zero wastage! I can understand if I was loosing some through setting hard but this was not the case. I have left an honest personal review and also phoned you the following day to check your recommended coverage.
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago
Hi John Smith-kerry,

Thank you for your review, would you mind revising it or changing your rating We sent you a 30m2 kit and the quantity required would be correct using our calculator none of our customers have ever complained about being short on resin as we supply more than required as per our calculator 2kg per m2 would be way way over and almost double whats required, this will eventually cause the roof to crack and fail. Our calc shows whats required. You had 35kg unless there was a piece missing on the delivery that we were not aware of. If this did happen we can of course investigate why.


Chopped Std. Mat type: g/m2

Layers: layers


Resin Weight: 33.72 kg

Chopped Strand Mat Weight: 13.49 kg

Topcoat Weight: 18 kg

Catalyst/Hardner Weight: 1034.4 grams

Kind Regards

CRS | Composite Roof Supplies
Posted 2 years ago
Hi John, I am not totally sure what happened with your roof there, Ill mention a few points further down, okay so you ordered 450G matting, 45kg or 50kg would be for the 600g matting.

Please follow the links below and see using these calculators.

CureIT and ProGRP only sell in 10kg or 20kg tins if you use 450g on 30m2 roof you would need to purchase either-

40kg or 50kg This would really increase the overall cost of the purchase.

While I appreciate you may not have lost any in the bucket, following our recommended ratios during the process would prevent a Resin rich surface thus running short. 450 gram matting requires just over 1kg per m2, these ratios ensure a strong resin to glass ratio, Resin alone is very brittle, a resin rich to glass mix while strong will be open to cracking while normal expansion and contraction occurs.

Points to consider also would be
Did you use OSB? As per recommendation on the item description

Did you bandage the joint on the boards? Recommendation on the description is to purchase additional resin if incorrect boards are fitted.

We value your business greatly and we are more than happy to discuss this with you for any future orders. We do offer 365 support over the telephone to all our customers from point of contact to completion of any order.

If I can be of assistance please call us on 02071013977
Posted 2 years ago
Composite Roof Supplies Ltd is rated 4.65 based on 584 reviews